FOSS4G Perth is a local, community-driven gathering of the Perth open geospatial community, focused on sharing stories and having fun with “Free and Open Source Software For Geospatial”.

Free software is revolutionising how we work and play, and the geospatial community is embracing open source tools and data with gusto. Prime examples include QGIS, PostGIS, OpenStreetMap, Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, Python-based earth observation libraries and frameworks, GDAL, and many others.

The Perth community has been active in this space over the last several years. FOSS4G events are run independently by local, regional, and global community groups all over the world.

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2024 FOSS4G Perth Organising Committee

Bryan Boruff - University of Western Australia
Cholena Smart - Mammoth Geospatial
Grant Boxer - Consultant Geologist
Ivana Ivanova - Curtin University
John Bryant (Chair) - Mammoth Geospatial
John Duncan - University of Western Australia
John Lang - Consultant
Keith Moss - WA Government
Michel Nzikou - DMN Solutions
Nimalika Fernando
Petra Helmholz - Curtin University
Piers Higgs - Gaia Resources
Renee Manser
Stafford Smith
Tracey Cousens - Mineral Resources Limited
Vincent Dinh - GIS Pro